Monday, 29 February 2016

Oats Payasam / Oats Kheer

Earlier I have posted a smoothie with oats.Here I am posting Oats Payasam / Oats Kheer which you can prepare quickly.I added Nestle Milk Maid and it tastes better.
Oats:1/2 cup
Milk:3/4 Cup
Condensed Milk:1/4 Cup
Cashew nuts and raisins:few
Sugar to taste
Ghee:2 tsp

Preparation Method
1.Heat ghee in pan and add cashews and raisins.Fry for a minute and keep it aside.
2.Heat milk by adding sugar,when it starts boiling add oats.
3.Keep in medium flame,stirring occasionally.
4.Add cardamom powder and condensed milk,combine well.
5.Cook until done,add cashews and raisins.
6.Remove from fire and serve hot..

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