Monday, 29 February 2016

Cheera Thoran / Spinach Stir Fry

Cheera/Spinach:1 bunch(cleaned and chopped)
Garlic:4-5 pods,finely chopped
Shallots/Small onions:5-6,finely sliced
Grated Coconut;3-4 tsp
Green Chillies:2
Salt to taste
Coconut oil:2 tsp

Preparation Method
1.Clean the spinach well under running water and allow it to dry.Chop finely.
2.Grind grated coconut along with green chillies.
3.Heat oil in pan and add chopped small onions and garlic.Saute until brown.
4.Add the chopped spinach, salt and little water.Mix everything and keep covered for few seconds to wilt the spinach.
5.Add the coconut mixture and combine everything together.
6.Cook on low flame for few minutes.stirring occasionally till all the water evaporates,adjust the salt.
7.Serve with rice and enjoy.

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