Sunday, 7 February 2016

Chakkakkuru/Jackfruit Seed and Kaya Upperi

This is a dish made out of ingredients easily available in home, hence these are free from chemicals and highly injurious preservatives.We all love to eat the yummy and exotic fruit,,the jack fruit but most of us throw away the seeds without realizing the proteins and nutrients packed in it.It is fiber rich seed containing carbohydrates. The potassium content in the seed helps to lower the blood pressure level.This seed helps in preventing cancer, ulcer, constipation and aging. It is a good food to fight against obesity as well. So,I am sure this is a dish worth trying.

Here I used raw banana with jack fruit seed,you can choose drumstick,bitter gourd,snake gourd(padavalanga) etc.

Jack fruit seed:15
Turmeric powder:1/4 tsp
Green Chilli:3
Raw banana/Kaya:1/4 cup,chopped
Salt to taste
Small onion:3,Sliced
Coconut oil:3 tsp
Red Chilli:2
Preparation Method
1.Remove the white skin of jack fruit seeds,wash well and cut each one into 3 or 4 pieces.
2.Cook them along with chopped raw banana,green chillies,turmeric powder and salt in enough water.
3.heat oil in a pan and add small onions,saute until brown,add curry leaves and red chillies.
4.Add this to the cooked mixture,combine well and remove from fire.
5.Serve with rice. 
Some jackfruit Recipess

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