Monday, 6 July 2015

Pineapple Pudding

Milk:1/2 Liter
Condensed Milk (milkmaid):1/2 tin
China grass/ Agar Agar:10 gram
Water:1 1/2 cup
Pine apple :2 Cup(chopped)
Sugar:1/2 cup
Preparation Method
1.Cut the pineapple into small bite size pieces. Keep aside.
2.Grind Sugar along with cloves to a fine powder.
3.Add this powder ,pineapples and little water and allow to boil.Saute for few minutes,Remove from heat and set aside.
4.Boil milk by adding milkmaid and sugar(if necessary).
5.Meanwhile in another pan boil china grass and wait till it is completely melted.Add this into milk mixture.
6. Now add the pineapple mixture.(Make sure everything is in same temperature.If the pineapple is not hot boil it for a couple of minutes.)
7.Mix well the mixture and remove from heat.
8.Pour in Pudding dish and refrigerate for some time.
9.Serve cold.

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