Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Layered Bread Custard Pudding

Bread slices: 5-7
Milk:1/2 Liter
Custard Powder:5 Tsp
Sugar to taste
Chocos:1 Cup
Dates Honey:For Decoration(Optional)

Preparation Method
1.Remove sides of bread,Dip in milk and place in pudding tray.(You can cut bread into pieces according to the shape of the tray)

2.Take 80% of milk in a saucepan and heat in low flame.
3.Mix custard powder in the remaining milk without lumps.
4.Add this mix to the pan and keep stirring.
5.Add sugar and allow the mixture to boil.
6.Remove from fire when it starts to thicken.
7.Pour half of the mixture into the tray,Place some chocos above.

8.In the same way place remaining bread slices on top of this and pour remaining milk mixture,Sprinkle chocos. Decorate with dates honey,Refrigerate for some time and serve..

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