Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Rose Pudding

Milk:1/2 liter
Condensed milk:1/2 tin
Sugar:If needed
Agar-agar /China grass strands: 8 g
Rose Essence:few drops

Cashew Nuts:few(Roasted and Grinded)
Preparation Method
1.Boil milk by adding condensed milk and sugar (if needed),stirring continuously.

2.Meanwhile ,in a pan, heat china grass and water, stir well till it dissolves completely
3.Strain it to the milk mixture, combine well and remove from fire.
4.Add few drops of rose essence to this mixture and mix well.

5.Pour the mixture into the pudding tray and decorate with cherries and cashew nuts.Once cooled keep in refrigerator for few hours and serve chilled.

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