Friday, 11 July 2014

Dates Pudding Topped With Dates Honey

Milk :1/2 liter
China grass / Agar Agar:10 gm

Condensed Milk:1/2 tin
Sugar(if needed)

Dates Honey:3-4 tsp 

Preparation Method
1.Soak Agar agar in water for 10 minutes.
2.Soak chopped dates in milk for 10 minutes and grind .Keep aside.
3.Boil milk by adding sugar and milk maid,add grinded dates into this.
4.Meanwhile in another pan boil china grass in low flame , stir  well till the it dissolves completely.
5.Strain this to the boiling milk through a sieve and stir well for 5 minutes and remove from fire.
4.Pour into the pudding mold and allow it to cool.Once cooled refrigerate for setting.After that demould it into the serving plate,cut into pieces,top with dates honey (optional)and serve.

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  1. A simple recipe with potential. I would add vanilla essence and a swirl of ground cardamon at the end. I would also test for sweetness and adjust to suit. Also worth thinking: an old french recipe used by professional pastry chefs involved cylindrical individual pudding serves in paper cylinders - very effective to eat without plates. The pudding had to be stiff rather than soft.