Friday, 11 July 2014

Banana Rolls

Banana:2,chopped into small pieces
cashew nuts and raisins :few
Grated coconut:1/2 cup
Sugar:1 tsp
Ghee:2 tsp
Maida:1 cup
Water:As required
kuskus:1/2 cup

Oil for frying

Preparation Method
1.Heat ghee in pan,roast cashews and raisins,followed by chopped banana,grated coconut and sugar.Keep the mixture aside.
2.Prepare a loose batter with maida and egg by adding enough water and salt.(Grind the batter for a single spin)
3.Heat a non stick pan and prepare thin crepes using this batter.
4.Place the banana mixture in the center of each crepes and roll it out.
5.Dip in beaten egg and in kuskus.Deep fry until golden brown. 

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