Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Rice:1 1/2 Cup
Urad dal/Uzhunnu parippu :1⁄2 Cup
Cooked Rice:2 tsp
Salt to Taste
Water :1⁄2 Cup
Fenugreek:1/4 tsp
Black gram:few nos
Ghee or oil: 2 tsp
Preparation Method
1.Wash and soak rice , urad dal ,black gram and fenugreek for 4-6 hrs.
2.Grind well by adding enough water and cooked rice to make smooth batter. Transfer to a vessel with lid and leave overnight to ferment.

3. Once the batter is fermented, add salt  and mix well to blend. If the batter is too thick, add some water to get it to good pouring consistency.
4. Heat non stick dosa pan on medium heat. Pour one ladle full of batter and spread it out from the middle, thinner the better, giving it circular shape. Drizzle  ghee or oil .
5. Cook for 3-4 min and once the edges become crisp, fold it nicely in the middle
and transfer to serving plate.

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