Saturday, 8 March 2014

Coconut Pathiri(Ila pathiri)

Rice Flour : 1 cup
Water :1 1/4 cup
Salt as required
Grated coconut :1  cups
Banana Leaves - as required(Optional)

Preparation Method
1.Take the flour in a steel bowl.
2.Heat Water in a sauce pan by adding salt.When it starts boiling, add to the rice flour and mix well with back of a steel ladle.
2.Once cool add grated coconut ,combine well (Knead With hands)and make a dough.(Add more water if needed.It should be hot)

3.Make small balls with this dough.
4.Using hand flatten the balls on the banana leaves  (It can also flatten on a chappathi press or thick  plastic paper).
5.Heat a pan and cook both sides.

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